Body of glory, the

The old adam transformed into christ

April 2nd 2018
The law of time is implacable, nothing can withstand it. And just as we can see how a building ages and needs repair, so too do human beings, (represented by this building), and their ‘self’, which also needs to be restored, rejuvenated and enlightened, that is to say rebuilt on a new foundation, with new materials. ‘But how can we rebuild our body?’ you might ask. It is not a question of rebuilding or even rejuvenating the physical body, which we cannot prevent from ageing. But this ageing process must be compensated by the construction of our spiritual body, by means of an immutable matter found very high in the subtle regions. Through meditation and contemplation, we can attract particles of this matter and draw them to us in order to build this new body, called the body of glory. This is what St Paul meant when he spoke of the transformation of the old Adam into Christ.