Old age

Forces us to turn inwards

September 22nd 2011
As the years go by, the destructive principle inevitably works its way into human beings. They cannot overcome it, but they can nevertheless slow down its effect and, above all, learn to make use of the period of old age that is setting in. When we lose our strength and our physical abilities, we have to tell ourselves that now is the time to seek other occupations, other sources of joy. Whatever the conditions, there is always something we can do, and if we are deprived of our physical energy we must seek to turn inwards, delving deep to tap that spring of spiritual energies within, which is inexhaustible. If the principle that allows beings to grow and flourish did not meet with opposition and obstacles, humans would be lost. Yes, if old age and illness were not there to set limits, a great many people would become monsters! But we all know that the path we are on ends at only one place: death. In this respect, all men and women are equal. So, we all have to admit defeat, be modest, reflect, become wise and find, if we can, the path leading to God.