The lessons it teaches those who fail to respect it

April 5th 2018
Nature displays its countless riches to us, but to those who do not respect it, who only seek to selfishly exploit it for their own use, it closes its doors. Yet this is exactly the attitude most humans have toward nature – earth, water, air, the sun, and even other planets. For do you really think that what motivates humans to conquer space is not based on self-interest? Many will say that they do not care if nature closes its doors to them. Perhaps, but if they continue this way, nature will not simply close itself off to them, it will retaliate. And then, they will have no choice but to understand and change their attitude, which only proves their lack of intelligence, their lack of love, their lack of will, their lack of everything. Lack of intelligence because they refuse to study the laws that govern nature; lack of heart because if they loved the beings that inhabit nature, they would not be so cruel as to destroy them; and lack of will because, for their own pleasure, their own comfort and their financial interests, they always choose the easy solution. Well, nature will teach them a lesson.