See clearly– and act accordingly

April 10th 2018
Whenever you are faced with a choice, think it over carefully, and once the right direction becomes clear, be decisive and act! If, despite this clarity, you begin to say to yourself, ‘Maybe this will require too much effort. It may not be in my best interest. That way, I will be in favour with so-and-so...’ you open the door to dark forces that will undermine you. On the psychic as well as the physical plane, nothing is without consequence. Those who look for an excuse not to do what their good judgement or intuition dictates, will eventually lose these qualities. This might surprise you. Yet it is the truth – we cannot continue being able to see which path to follow if, at the same time, we make different excuses to justify following another. How can we retain a faculty if we neglect to use it and act accordingly?