Physical illnesses

The need to fight them with physical means

April 11th 2018
A cure obtained by physicals means (medicine, surgery) may not be permanent, because a problem in the body is often the materialisation of psychic problem – disorders in our thoughts and feelings. To regain one’s health, one must address the causes, in other words, correct something on the psychic plane. Only it can take a long time for the body to feel the positive effects. That is why even if the improvements brought about by physical means are not lasting, one must still have recourse to them to at least temporarily halt the ravages of the illness while working on the psychic plane. To combat an illness that has already taken hold of the physical body, physical means are required. Spirituality must not serve as a pretext for taking risks with one’s health. And it must be acknowledged that in their approach to illness, materialists often show more common sense than spiritualists.