We must do as it does and renew ourselves each day

September 23rd 2011
Yesterday, you made an effort, and today you have to begin again, for today is a new day. And don’t say you are tired. We all have to make an effort every single day, because every day we need new food. Yesterday’s food was for yesterday. In the spiritual world, each day everything must be new, pure and filled with light. Like the sun, we must put on new clothes each day. Today’s sun is not yesterday’s; do you not see that each morning it has a new face? Do you not see that each morning it puts on a new shirt, a new hat? Really, I don’t know what words or images to use any more to make myself understood! In the light that we absorb, light that is wholly new and fresh, we must find ways of thinking and loving that are also wholly new, wonderfully new.