Arguments to resist this temptation

April 13th 2018
Suicide is a grave offence against the life God has given us. I am not referring to quite exceptional circumstances which lead certain people to put an end to their lives in order to save other beings. I am talking about those cases in which men and women, by committing suicide, reveal that they did not know how to put to use all that the Creator has placed in their intelligence, their heart and their will. Those who have a good understanding of things first of all know that there exists a higher world inhabited by a multitude of wise and loving creatures, and that it is their task to study this world which has left its imprint on the physical world. They also know that feelings and desires are so powerful that, with patience and tenacity, they can make their greatest wishes come true. Finally, they know that the difficulties they encounter are a means of exercising their will. Neither misery, deprivation, sickness or solitude can defeat them, they will prevail.