Make a move

A way for getting out of the worst situations

April 15th 2018
You can find everything in this world – heaven, earth, and even hell – and so too in yourself. Only, it is up to you to know where you want to go, how long to stay there, and to leave the dangerous places you have strayed to as quickly as possible. Imagine that you are invited to a bistro for a drink with some friends: that is no reason to linger there forever. Or, you go for a walk in the forest and set about picking strawberries; this is fine, but think about returning home, or night will fall and you will no longer find your way back. You may have said some unfortunate words that have caused harmful consequences – it is useless to remain there wallowing in remorse: instead, speak other words to make amends. And if you fall into a swamp infested with harmful creatures, do not just shout and say your prayers: hurry to get out of there. These are images to show you that, often, wisdom entails making a move.