Talking about others

Is never without consequence

April 17th 2018
People do not realize that by endlessly calling attention to the faults of others, they form a link with these faults, and thereby harm themselves. For there is a law that says, ‘Since you want to correct so and so, you must be rich, so give them half of your wealth.’ Whilst for those who speak well of someone, the law says, ‘By speaking about you in this way, they are increasing your wealth. So, give them some of your treasure.’ It is clear – if you speak ill of others, it is they who profit from it; whereas if you speak well of them, it is you who benefits. But let’s now say that you are obliged to criticize someone: do not end on that note, add at least one positive word about them. Whatever their flaws, try to find a good quality in them that you can speak of, in order to have a positive effect on them, and on yourself. Never end on a negative note.