Sun, the

The symbol of god’s unconditional love

April 18th 2018
The sun shines, and it shines without caring whether the creatures to whom it sends its rays are intelligent or stupid, good or criminal, deserving of its blessings or not: it sends light to them all without distinction. That is why the sun is said to be the best symbol of divine love. Consider the most extraordinary beings who have lived on earth: all have had some bias, some preferences and even a few animosities. Even the greatest prophets, the greatest Masters could not quite free themselves from the need to apply the law of justice and punish the wicked, for nothing is more difficult. Only the sun regards humans just as God himself does. It knows that they are divine sparks that will one day return to the bosom of the Eternal. That is why, for over thousands of years, it patiently continues to warm them, enlighten them and vivify them. Doesn’t this make you want to do the same?