Answers from heaven

Conditions for receiving them

April 20th 2018
It is not enough to ask heaven to clarify something for you – if you do not start by working to clean and purify your inner self, you will not receive the answer correctly. Why? Because heaven’s reply, in passing through all the opaque layers you have accumulated within you, will be distorted. When a stick is immersed in water, the submerged part appears broken or bent, because air and water do not have the same refractive index. Similarly, when the advice of the divine world has to traverse a psychic milieu which is not properly prepared to let it pass, it becomes deformed. In order to be sure of receiving clear and truthful answers from heaven, you must undertake a great deal of inner work to adjust, enlighten and purify yourself. Otherwise, there are so many risks of error. So, before asking heaven about what to do, be prepared to receive its replies correctly.