Philosophy of the spirit, the

By adopting it we become the master of events

April 21st 2018
We cannot conceive of the spirit without matter, but matter cannot be conceived without spirit. For in the beginning there was spirit: everything that exists in the universe originates on high in the spirit world, and matter is but a progressive condensation of the spirit. It is very important for humans to cultivate this philosophy of the pre-eminence of spirit, because it enables them to rise above events. Even in their struggles with life’s difficulties (health, work, relationships, accidents), they know that they cannot be defeated. Through the power of spirit, not only can they surmount circumstances, they can influence them. They do not accept the notion that events rule their lives; it is they who are the master. So, it is up to you to choose, because depending on the philosophy you embrace – the philosophy of matter or that of spirit – you will either be weak or powerful.