Mending our errors

In order to preserve our powers

April 22nd 2018
Those who have done wrong will sooner or later fall victim to the disorder they have created within themselves. Even though they may believe themselves to be very powerful and free to do as they please, these bad deeds are etched in their conscience and will one day assail them; they will be gnawed at by anxiety and remorse. Even a magus, an initiate, who holds power over nature and whom spirits obey, cannot escape this law. There is no power capable of appeasing someone tormented by their feelings of guilt, and it is thus that they weaken internally. Little by little, both their inner world and the outside world slip from their control. You must therefore count solely on your upright and honest actions. As soon as you transgress a law, you lose your powers. They will only be restored if you are able to remedy your faults. What distinguishes initiates from ordinary humans is that they are quick to mend their mistakes. Therein too lies their power: in their ability to redress.