New conditions

Adapt to them so you can keep working

September 24th 2011
When you are sure you are working for a just and noble cause, you must allow nothing to put you off. And, above all, do not expect approval from others, or you will not get much done: one day they approve of you, and not long after – who knows why – they are criticizing you. In life, you have periods of success when you are recognized and appreciated and then other times when you are left out. Those who do not have the idea of love, of disinterested work, alive within them are likely to give way to discouragement and bitterness. But if they know the law, they tell themselves, ‘I have worked in the past, and through my work I acquired certain qualities. Now that conditions have changed, there must be different work for me to do so that I can develop other qualities.’ This is how they remain in control of the situation.