Source of love, the

Never let it dry up

April 26th 2018
In spite of everything, you must continue to believe and love. Even if people treat you badly, even if they disappoint you or mislead you, you must never lose your faith and love, because if you do, you will lose the meaning of life. Meditate on this subject by weighing the pros and cons on your spiritual scales and you will find that if you stop loving people, you let the source that flows within you dry up, and thus punish yourself and not them. Why stop the flow of what should be eternal and inexhaustible, under the pretext that you may be disappointed, abused or misunderstood? So many saints, prophets and initiates have been persecuted, but they continued to love and to believe. So, what disciple could think themselves worthy of receiving initiation if they start to not love anyone, to not trust anyone because they were deceived or wronged at times?