Choral singing

Teaches us how to behave all through our life

September 25th 2011
When you all sing together, tell yourself that it is allowing you to work not just on yourself first of all but also on the whole world. For the harmony you create gradually spreads out, influencing all creatures in space. Can you form a choir if your philosophy and your quest are personal ones? No, you are merely singing solo, whereas, when there are several of you, you form a choir. It is not enough to work alone and only for oneself. Of course, each person must work individually – for a collectivity must be formed of well-developed individuals – but without ever losing sight of the collective interest. The new philosophy does not reject the old one of self-improvement, but that self-improvement must always be able to serve the good of everyone. You may not have thought about this, but there it is: belonging to a choir teaches us how to behave all through our life.