Impose yourself

Like a rose or the sun

May 6th 2018
Humans have an instinctive need to impose themselves upon others. This is not necessarily a bad thing – it all depends on the area in which you seek to impose your will and how you go about it. Does not a rose impose itself? Yes. By its beauty and its fragrance it imposes itself upon us, but with what gentleness! And when the sun shines, it also imposes itself, since you begin to take off your coats and your jackets. Of course, if you are not wearing a hat you could get sunstroke, but the sun does not use violence, it does not come down from the sky intending to strike you down. It simply says, ‘Be careful, my rays are powerful, take precautions, otherwise you will be burned.’ And in its own way, the rose too says, ‘Be careful, if you stay near me, I shall replace all your miasma with my fragrance.’ Like the sun and the rose, we have the right to impose ourselves, but only with our light, love, gentleness and beauty.