Imprint, the

Each of our actions leaves within us

May 7th 2018
In nature, each thing has a duplicate on the etheric plane. So, whatever a human being does, they do in duplicate. Their original action goes away, but it marks them with its seal: it leaves within them a kind of imprint, a signature. If they have done good, this good goes away and leaves them; but within them, on the etheric plane, this good leaves a trace of the same nature, which supports and strengthens them. And if they have done wrong, this wrong will also leave them, but it leaves behind a duplicate of exactly the same nature that will gradually gnaw at them, and tear them apart. Look at what happens, for example, when a man commits a crime. Why is he still haunted, even years later, by memories and scenes that refuse to leave him in peace? Yet, it is all in the past, there remains no visible trace of these actions and he could have forgotten it all. But no, because the duplicate remains, and is responsible for the obsessions and images he cannot get rid of. In the same manner, all the good things that humans have done follow them for all eternity.