Devil, the

Misconceptions about him and their consequences

May 12th 2018
How is it that so-called monotheistic religions have theories that refute the very basis of their belief? They say that God has an enemy, the Devil, who is just as powerful as he. As if God were not the sole master! What kind of religion has a God with an enemy that he cannot strike down? By presenting him as incapable of overthrowing his foe, how do they expect his greatness and omnipotence to be recognized? And the worst part is that many see this enemy of God everywhere, infiltrating human beings in all kinds of forms. So they try to fight him in humans by accusing them of being heretics, hellhounds of Satan, or the Devil’s offspring, by excommunicating them, and seeking to wipe them out. All those who persecute other people in this way, on the pretext they are on the Lord’s side, become in reality the very assistants of this Devil they claim to oppose, and constantly reinforce him. This is what they must one day come to understand.