Squaring the circle

The solution to this problem is found in trees and in man

May 13th 2018
The ancient geometers tried to solve the problem of squaring the circle, that is to say, making a square and a circle of exactly the same area coincide through purely geometrical means. However, this problem has no solution, except for initiates. Initiates discovered the solution to the problem of squaring the circle long ago, by observing nature, and in particular trees whose branches are at times covered with leaves, with flowers and with fruit. Each spring, the spirit comes to renew life in nature. The spirit is represented by the circle – symbol of the infinite universe – and it is within this circle that the square – matter – can flourish and bear fruit each time the spirit returns. When a tree, revived by the spirit, bears the fruit of the spirit, it has solved the squaring of the circle. And we too, in striving to bring the spirit down into our matter, will one day come to solve the problem of squaring the circle.