Summit, the

From whence we can see clearly and decide wisely

May 14th 2018
Even if you need to make an urgent decision, do not rush. Try to use your thought to elevate yourself to a summit from where you will have a clear view of the situation. And in order to be able to cope with all of life’s circumstances, whenever you have a few moments to yourself, draw inwards and imagine that you are trying to reach a summit. When the time comes to make a decision, you will see the path clearly and act appropriately. Many people act on impulse, and inevitably bang their heads. They then go off in a different direction. But as they have not thought things through here either, they bang themselves again. That is why people’s heads are covered in bruises, dents and bumps. It is time they took more seriously the advice of the sages who say to them, ‘Draw inwards, search, and meditate.’ This way, they will be able to lift themselves up to this spiritual summit whence they will be able to grasp the many aspects of reality, and so be better able to work and express themselves.