Sun, the

The origin of the earth and of human beings

May 16th 2018
The earth is a child of the sun, from which it emerged billions of years ago, and the sun continues to nourish it and educate it, so that it may learn to give as generously as its father. Up until now, even though it produces enough to feed a great number of creatures, the earth is far from knowing how to give like the sun. It must therefore continue to be instructed, to watch and to listen to the sun which says to it every morning, ‘Take me as your model and one day, you too will be able to give and to shine with the same love.’ And what the sun says to the earth, it says even more so to us, for the earth and humans, who are of the same origin, also share the same destiny. Every human being is a little earth, and each of these earths must one day become like its father, the sun. That is our future.