Bad behaviour of others, the

Must not influence our inner state

May 18th 2018
Stop being surprised and complaining about people’s bad behaviour. Once and for all, come to realize that they are capable of the best and unfortunately also the worst, and decide not to bother with their faults and errors any longer, for they only stir up negative reactions in you. And as there is a relation between the things with which you concern yourself and the state in which you subsequently feel, if you are overly sensitive to the bad things other people do, you will be overwhelmed by feelings of hostility: anger, aggression, resentment and so on. One day, all of the negative feelings you have fostered will even come to be reflected in your face. Intelligent people do not allow their inner state to be determined by the behaviour of others. You may say that your anger and indignation are often justified. Yes, no doubt, but be aware that neither your anger nor your indignation will change people.