Bank, the

The laws that govern it have their correspondence on the spiritual plane

May 25th 2018
When you deposit a sum in the bank, you do not expect to earn interest the next day. You have to wait, and the longer you wait, the higher the interest. The same principle applies in the spiritual realm. If you work with considerable faith, love and patience, after a while, you may be surprised not to have obtained results more quickly and you may be tempted to give up. But no, this slowness is normal, do not become discouraged. If you give way to discouragement, it is because you have yet to properly decipher the meaning of this basic law that governs the world of banking. Indeed, to understand the laws of spiritual work, you must also know how a bank operates. You must not be in a hurry, but continue to work, and then the riches will flow from all directions. Even if you try to run away, it will be impossible; the whole universe will shower blessings on you, for through your patience and tenacity, you will have brought them on yourself.