Human beings’ emanations

They feed the invisible beings

May 27th 2018
What a mistake it is to think that by giving in to temptation you are satisfying yourself. You are working for others. Unfortunately, you will realize it too late. When you feel impoverished, weakened and empty then you will understand that you have worked for others your entire life, not for yourself. And when I say ‘yourself’, I mean that spiritual part of you that constantly needs to be enriched and allowed to grow, to flourish. As for the ‘others’, they are dark entities from the astral plane who feed on the unhealthy effluvia produced by the errors and crimes of humans, and wear them out. Through our actions, our feelings, our thoughts – all our emanations – we continually nourish the creatures of the invisible world. And when we seek to nourish only luminous beings, we fortify ourselves and we thrive, because with every effort we make to satisfy them, we build up our spiritual heritage.