Comparing oneself to superior beings

The usefulness of this exercise

May 28th 2018
You know at least one being, living or dead, who has demonstrated great wisdom and a superior understanding of things. So, each time the occasion arises, say to yourself, ‘Alright, this is what I think, but what would that person think or do in my place?’ And then, thanks to this mental exchange between yourself and that person, you will adjust and rectify your position. Human beings have an instinctive tendency to compare themselves with others, but generally, they do so to point out how much better, more honest, more intelligent or more capable they are than someone else. Are such comparisons fruitful? Not really. We should not compare ourselves with ordinary, mediocre people, but with those who surpass us. And history is full of examples of superior beings who, if we study their lives and their philosophy, can serve as a true yardstick by which to measure ourselves. If we want to evolve, it is with them that we must compare ourselves.