Image of god, the

The only one that imposes itself on the spirits of nature

May 30th 2018
In the Book of Genesis it says that God created man in his image. Yet how many humans are aware of being bearers of God’s image? Most people have let so many layers of impurities build up on this image that the features have become blurred and erased, and this is why they are so weak and impoverished. So, work to make this image reappear, and even the spirits of nature will enter your service. When you have a request to make of them to help you with your work or come to your rescue, they will be happy to oblige, because they will recognize this image in you, the only one they respect. The spirits of nature are the spirits of the four elements. Magic books teach how people can use them to do their bidding. But beware, they do not obey just anyone, on any condition. They have respect for only one power – the light projected by the sons and daughters of God who, through their work, have succeeded in making their Creator’s true image come to light within themselves.