The benefits of acquiring this quality

May 31st 2018
When you see the way people behave, you realize that humans set little store by self-mastery. They seethe, they fly off the handle into a rage, lose their temper, or they fall to pieces at the slightest thing; and not only are they not in any way embarrassed, they find it quite natural. They call it sincerity, authenticity, and derive a certain pride from it. Well no, there is nothing to be proud of. Only those who have learned to master themselves can be proud, for they become the king of their realm, in other words, themselves. And all the treasures and the powers accumulated in this realm are at their disposal. Then, not only do they become rich and powerful, but they can do a great deal of good for those around them. For, not having to fear hurricanes, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, others feel safe and strengthened upon contact with them. And even the Intelligences that populate the universe come to assist them: since such people are able to control themselves, the Intelligences feel they can help them thanks to their powers and treasures, knowing that they will not be misused or wasted.