Spirit of the sun

September 28th 2011
Light is the source of all things, and light is the Christ, the solar Spirit. The Spirit of the Christ manifests firstly in the sephirah Chokmah, the first glory, the Word, of which St John says in his Gospel that nothing came into being without it. Then it manifests under another aspect in Tiphareth, the sephirah of the sun. In the morning, when we go to contemplate the rising sun, we must try to contact its spirit, for the spirit of the sun is the spirit of the Christ, an emanation of God himself. So it is not enough to gaze at the sun. To truly connect with the quintessence of its light, our very spirit must enter the sun. As soon as our spirit approaches the shores of light, a few particles from it enter into us, and we receive the revelation of divine splendour.