Tightrope walker, a

The image of humans who must always balance the two opposing tendencies within themselves

June 2nd 2018
When a tightrope walker is on the high wire, they are forced to stretch out their arms to keep their balance. Well, this image represents a human being who, torn by opposing impulses, goes forward in life as if on a tightrope. Every day, they must strive to maintain a balance between the two pans of his psychic scales: the heart and the intellect. If their heart leans too much to one side, if their feelings take up too much space, they must quickly call upon their intellect, their thought, and vice versa. Something must always be added to one side, and subtracted from the other. An inattentive person will quickly lose their balance. In each sphere of life, humans must see to the balance of both pans of their inner scales. If they have a tendency to overly focus on matter (possessions, power) to the detriment of spirit, they will create an imbalance within. But neither must they abandon matter on the pretext they live in the spirit. Whether in the physical, the psychic or the spiritual plane, each movement made in one direction must be offset by a movement in the opposite direction.