Do not confuse it with the high ideal

June 9th 2018
So many people insist on seeking or holding onto positions and roles they have not prepared themselves for and are incapable of fulfilling! And yet they dig in their heels, because they want to show the whole world that nothing can stop them, nothing can make them bend or yield. Having ambition is fine, but if it is not founded on the qualities that match, it will only lead to harm. That is why, more than ambition, it is important to have a high ideal, which is not the same thing. An ambitious person seeks visible, tangible, material success whereas someone who is nourished by a high ideal only seeks inner progress. This is what disciples of a spiritual teaching must understand, so that they are never tempted to use initiatic knowledge for personal ends. How many people who are unable to succeed on the merits of their talents and their work, try to achieve their ambitions by exploiting Initiatic Science! Well, they should know that this is the best way to go astray.