Its role in our psychic life

June 11th 2018
So many people declare themselves to be rationalists, but what place do they actually make for reason? When we see how they give reign to their instincts and passions in their everyday lives, we wonder where this reason lies. They let themselves be carried away by these inferior impulses, they even justify them. But when it comes to the superior impulses that can inspire faith in a sublime being who created heaven and earth, and adoration of this being, well then, they think it is reasonable to express doubts and reservations. Reason is very useful when it comes to bringing order to your inner self; let us say that it must do the housework. Yes, it must clean the house, but not empty it. When you do housework, you move the furniture and objects in order to sweep or vacuum, then you put them back where they belong, you do not throw them out the window. Similarly, reason must sweep away false beliefs in order to grant the sense of sacred its rightful place.