A mark of intelligence

June 12th 2018
Although indulgence is a quality of the heart, it is infused with a great deal of intelligence. When we have a better understanding of what a human being is, of the various factors that make up their deeper nature, of the influences that life conditions can have on their behaviour, and the difficulties they are up against, we must not be too harsh with them, even if they do not always behave well. We remain lucid, because lucidity is an attribute of the mind, but we are also more understanding. We are sometimes astonished by the harshness with which certain people, whose qualities of the heart are undeniable, judge others. They are merciless. Well, this is precisely because they lack intelligence – the true intelligence that provides a broader view of beings and things. Nothing reveals a lack of intelligence more clearly than the absence of indulgence, which is a lack of understanding.