It teaches humans which guide they must follow

June 13th 2018
When someone proposes a policy inspired by generosity and concern for the most deprived, very few people decide to support them. But if they talk about overthrowing the powers that be to seize the positions and privileges they exercise, this person is backed by a crowd. What conclusion can we draw? That humans still need to suffer. Perhaps one day, because of their suffering, they will come to understand what concerns and activities will help them to flourish. You think I am cruel? No, it saddens me to say so, but humans need to suffer in order to understand. When a messenger from heaven appears – someone who can enlighten them on the direction to take – not only do they turn a deaf ear, but they often persecute them. And when a criminal comes along who will lead them to disaster, they welcome them, they cheer them on and carry them to power – it is they themselves who provide the criminal with the means to destroy them. So, it is clear: humans need to suffer in order to understand once and for all to whom they must listen and whom they should follow.