A breath of the soul

June 15th 2018
People’s concept of happiness is always more or less tied to possessions: money, a house, a car, a job, friends, a spouse and children. They are unhappy until they are able to obtain them, and should they come to lose them, it is a disaster. But the day you manage to discover what true happiness is, you will understand that in reality it does not depend on any object, any possession, or any other being, because it comes from elsewhere – from the realm of the soul and the spirit. True happiness is a state of consciousness that even life’s hardships and tribulations cannot trouble, precisely because it does not depend on any external or material condition. This happiness can only be attained by diving into the ocean of universal harmony by means of thought. It is like something as natural as breathing: breathing in, breathing out… breathing in, breathing out… Indeed, true happiness is like the breath of the soul.