A method to overcome them

June 19th 2018
When faced with a difficult situation, the best way to overcome it is to immediately adopt the right inner attitude. For instance, why, the moment you experience a setback, do you react as if you had lost everything, as if the whole world were coming to an end? Instead, take stock of everything that you still have – a family, friends, your health, and all your psychic and spiritual faculties – and thank heaven for this wealth. Instead of always focussing on what you lack or what you have lost, learn to rejoice in all that you do have or what you can still accomplish. It is quite understandable that a humiliation, a disappointment, or a failure should momentarily upset you. But it is inexcusable for you to remain there wallowing in sorrow, forgetting all the other reasons you have to be happy and grateful. Pull yourself together, for goodness sake. Otherwise, there will come a day when you will no longer be able to shake off this tendency to give in to discouragement, and then, you will really be crushed.