Does not leave us if we know how to live in the regions of the soul and spirit

September 30th 2011
Because people lack a knowledge of the human structure, living in endless joy seems like an impossibility. Beyond the physical, astral and mental bodies, we have three further, higher bodies: the causal, buddhic and atmic. These three bodies bring us into relationship with the divine world, and if we manage to develop them, even our cares and sorrows can no longer alter or obscure what we are experiencing in the regions of light. This is why we must try each day, through our thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as through meditation and prayer, to maintain our connection with the divine world, so we can continue to live in our soul and spirit. And our soul and spirit inspire in us quite a different way of seeing and feeling. When they speak within us, so many troubles fade away, so much suffering too!… and they are even transformed into peace, wisdom and an understanding of the meaning of life.