Know how to set them down in order to come into contact with beauty and light

June 22nd 2018
You aspire to beauty and light, and you are unhappy because you sense that inwardly, you continue to wander in the dark. But whose fault is that? Do you allow yourself to get caught up in the mundane activities of everyday life? Of course, they are necessary and it is not a question of abandoning them, but learn to set them aside for at least a moment, just as you would set down a load you were carrying. Those who carry supplies during a mountain expedition set them down from time to time to catch their breath. They sit down, have something to eat and drink, then they pick up their load and continue on their way. Try to do the same: take a moment to set your material worries aside. You can rest assured that no one will come and take them from you; there are not many volunteers willing to carry other people’s loads. Put them down with confidence, and link yourself to the divine world – the beauty and the light you aspire to will accompany you always.