Cosmic body

Every human being is a cell of the great cosmic body

June 25th 2018
Depending on the organs to which they belong (the heart, stomach, lungs, brain, etc.), the cells of our body are individuals that differ in nature and perform different activities. They could therefore feel alien to one another, or even hostile. But the cells in a healthy body, on the contrary, are all beings who are aware they belong to one single being. As an analogy, we can say that every human creature is a cell of God’s body, of nature. The Creator is the only being who truly exists, and all creatures are the cells of this great cosmic body. But because the consciousness of these cells is not yet united, they oppose each other, they clash with each other. Humans believe their fighting and confrontations are justified, and are often even proud of them – they imagine that they are defending great causes. No, there is nothing to be proud of, for such confrontation is merely the result of their ignorance. The day they feel they all belong to the great body of God, however, then yes, they can justifiably feel proud.