The motives that push us to act are more important than our achievements

June 27th 2018
Your first concern must always be for the motive for your action, the goal you want to achieve. Don’t bother about whether your activity might win you the appreciation of others or bring you large sums of money. It may be that by following a spiritual teaching you appear not to be doing a great deal, but if you practise this teaching seeking to uphold the idea of peace, harmony, and brotherhood in the world, every day you add a few elements with which to build your future. You may not see any results for a long time, but one day blessings will descend upon you from all around, because your efforts to support your ideal have been recorded and you will reap the rewards. Humans appreciate you for your material achievements, whereas heaven values you on the basis of your motives. It is therefore from heaven, and not from humans, that you must expect the rewards for the work you do to uphold the ideas of peace and brotherhood.