The danger of wanting to shirk them before having fulfilled the duties they impose upon us

June 28th 2018
Someone who believes they can shirk their obligations in order to enjoy a more pleasant life does not know the strict laws that govern destiny. A woman may think, ‘My husband is such a boring man! I want to find a more entertaining one.’ She finds one and abandons her husband, who obviously suffers as a consequence. But before long, this second man will perhaps make her suffer even more. It is not absolutely forbidden to leave a husband or a wife, but not before you have properly resolved the problem. Otherwise, you expose yourself to encountering an identical problem further down the road. This law holds true for all situations in life. We think that it is easy to cut ties, to break an agreement, to abandon a responsibility, but what might seem easy at first sight is in reality extremely difficult. And conversely, if you accept to face the difficulties, you will feel unsuspected energies awaken within you, and angelic beings will come to help you. If you choose the easy way, however, you will still have angels as companions, but of another kind: angels of justice.