Its power over our inferior nature

June 29th 2018
Money has tremendous power over human beings’ inferior nature. Day and night, it whispers the worst advice to them, ‘Yes go on, you have the means to ruin this one, to oust that one. So what if this woman is married? What’s holding you back? Since she appeals to you, you can have her; you’ll see, she will not be able to resist the gifts you offer her. You want to obtain advantages to which you are not entitled? It’s easy, give that honest-looking man a certain sum of money and he will grant you anything you ask of him.’ Money is a very bad counsellor to our inferior nature. If you really want to know yourself and know others, here is a criterion: the use you make, or they make, of money. But see to yourself first. If money does not tempt you to indulge in laziness and the pleasures in life, if you do not use it to dominate others, to deceive or corrupt them but rather to help them, then that proves you can master your inferior nature. And heaven, seeing that it can rely on you, will enlist you in its service.