Immediately transports us to the regions of the spiritual world

June 30th 2018
The spiritual world is structured and organized in such a way that the mere thought of someone, or of a specific object, makes it possible to touch that person or object directly, wherever they may be. It is therefore unnecessary to know their exact location, as on the physical plane where you need maps or an exact address to locate a place or a person. On the spiritual plane, the divine plane, you simply have to concentrate your thought intensely for it to take you precisely where you want to go. If you think about harmony, love or beauty, you are immediately transported to the region of harmony, love or beauty. ‘Is it that easy?’ you may ask. Yes and no. It is easy to touch the regions of harmony, love, and beauty by thought, and also those of wisdom, purity, and so forth, because they already exist within us. But for it to penetrate us, we must visit these regions of the spiritual world at length, by means of daily meditation, in order to obtain the elements necessary for our fulfilment.