Sun, the – making it penetrate our heart and soul

July 1st 2018
In the morning, when you go to contemplate the sunrise, do not be content to look at it as just a beautiful sight. Through thought, endeavour to make the sun penetrate within. You say that you are trying to perfect yourself, and that it is very difficult and you cannot do it. But strive to bring the sun into your heart and into your soul, and you will feel something begin to vibrate differently. Even if what I am telling you may sound strange, agree to try this exercise. The sun is the fire of life. So, every morning, approach the sun with the conviction that you can capture a spark or a flame that you will bury deep inside and carry preciously as if it were the greatest treasure. Thanks to this flame, your life will be purified, sublimated, and everywhere you go, you will bring purity and light.