Brain, the

A conductor for spirit

July 3rd 2018
Like God, our spirit is omniscient and omnipotent, it dwells in infinity and eternity. If we are unaware of this, it is because our brain cannot yet transmit to us all the knowledge and power of spirit. It is limited by the obstacles constituted by our physical and psychic matter. You might try this experiment one day: from the moment you awaken in the morning until you fall asleep in the evening, try to pay attention to all the processes that keep you alive. You will not succeed! It is through all of these physical, physiological, emotional and mental mechanisms, of which there are far too many to list, that you are in touch with matter. And this is the work to be done – work upon matter and within matter. You may never see the end of it, but at least try to begin. If you keep watch over all the processes within you so that they take place in the most pure and harmonious conditions possible, you will improve the functioning of your brain, which will gradually become the conductor for the powers of spirit.