Set for us by that which is easy and pleasant

July 4th 2018
You know what children say, ‘I love daddy, I love mummy, but I prefer jam.’ The word ‘jam’ – that is to say what is easy, pleasant, and sweet – sums up a child’s entire mentality. A child does not know that what is slightly bitter and difficult would no doubt be better for them. They are not yet wise enough to choose what is unpleasant once in a while. And therein lies the danger, not only for children, but also for adults, who often behave like children. How often do pleasant, seductive appearances turn out to be traps, and those who let themselves be caught in them meet with disillusionment and bitterness! That is why humans need to be counselled by beings who have drawn lessons from their experiences. These guides can teach us how to become adults, that is to say, not to trust deceptive appearances, but to seek true happiness by triumphing over difficulties.