An aspect of harmony

July 5th 2018
Nothing creates so many conflicts among humans as disagreements about ideas. People are more or less ready to accept one another’s weaknesses and shortcomings, but as soon as their political, philosophical or religious ideas diverge and oppose each other, war breaks out. How many people are capable of spilling their own blood or that of others simply so their opinions may triumph! And how many exceptional beings have been misunderstood and even persecuted by their contemporaries solely because they held different points of view! Their heads were chopped off as if they were common thieves, with no consideration for their wisdom and their moral worth. It is pride that incites people to rise up against one another, by blinding them to the virtues of those they want to attack. Humility, then, entails recognizing that we might not be entirely right, or that other points of view may also be justified. Humility is an aspect of harmony.