Consecration, the

Of the beings we love

July 7th 2018
When gazing at the photograph of a man or a woman to whom you feel attracted, try not to sully and limit this being by projecting your sensual desires onto them, and thinking of ways to enslave them and make them yours. On the contrary, entrust them to the Lord, to the divine Mother, saying, ‘Here is your son, your daughter, bless this person and inspire in me the best thoughts so that I may help them in their evolution.’ And if you have already established a relation with this man or this woman, and happen to caress their head or their hair, instead of seeking only pleasure, think of doing something for their good and say, ’May God bless you, may light reign in this head, and may angels come to dwell in it.’ In this way you transform and beautify your love – it will be purified, enlightened, and it will become a feeling of great richness that will bring you fulfilment.