Psychic disorders

They are often produced by evil spirits that humans attract

July 8th 2018
Very few doctors in this day and age are willing to admit that certain psychic disorders are caused by entities from the astral plane, which have penetrated human beings to feed off them and wreak havoc. In their view, chemical elements are responsible for preventing the psyche from functioning properly. It is true that chemical elements are at play, but these elements are the realization of the presence of harmful spirits that people themselves have unconsciously attracted. These spirits proliferate in the astral world, and if people open themselves up to them through their weaknesses and transgressions, these entities enter in and cause a great deal of damage. These facts are very well described in all the sacred Scriptures, which explains why religions place such importance on the rites of purification. But medicine, which does not grasp the meaning and the depth of these texts, persists in using chemical compounds to remedy the disorders created by a disorderly life. In failing to treat the causes, they maintain people in a state of illness.