Unconscious, our

Retains traces of a distant animal past

July 11th 2018
In order not to be upset by human beings’ often contradictory behaviour, we must never forget that in their unconscious, they carry a distant animal past that can rear up at any time in cunning, brutality, cruelty, voracity, sensuality, and so on. Even the most civilized men and women cannot rid themselves of it. If this animal nature is so resilient, it is because it has had thousands of years to strengthen itself, and above all because it has had to endure very difficult conditions. Just look at all the dangers animals must contend with to survive. After having lived in such conditions, how can you then expect our instinctive nature to be gentle, merciful and generous? But that is no reason to leave it unbridled. On the contrary, it is by working on our psychic and spiritual qualities that we will succeed in mastering it. Both natures – animal and divine – coexist within us. How can the divine nature tame the animal nature? That is the problem we all have to solve each day.